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Claire'S classes are run on a friendly and informal basis, giving parents and carers the opportunity to learn the principles of baby massage, in a relaxed and sociable environment where lasting relationships can often be made. Discussions will also be encouraged at the end of the session to talk about any challenges parents/carers may face such as crying, colic post-natal stress etc., this gives parents the opportunity to share their thoughts or anxieties and benefit from the experience of others.


The classes have been developed as a comprehensive 6 step programme designed to introduce parents/carers and their babies to the basic principles of baby massage in a clear consistent and easy to follow fashion. The sessions run on a weekly basis (unless holiday’s sickness or room availability  prevails).


The first  session you attend you will receive your  hand outs to take home and practice the moves that we have learnt that day plus you will be able to purchase  a Organic Cold pressed Sunflower oil for £5 Allowing the parents/carers to practice at home in between sessions with the suitable oil...

Sequence of massage techniques 



  • 8 MOVES then repeat other leg


  • Legs are the least sensitive part of the body and so a good starting point to get the baby used to the sensation.

  • Legs and bottom are the largest and often most active parts of the body and so massaging these is good for relaxing the muscles and easing tension.

  • Good for getting circulation flowing

  • Helps to increase flexibility.

  • Foot massage stimulates the reflex points



  • 7 MOVES


  • Helps stimulate the digestive system

  • Helps alleviate trapped Wind (colic)

  • Helps prevent constipation


  • 7 MOVES then repeat other arm


  • Very relaxing

  • Improves circulation

  • Hand massage stimulates reflex points




  • 6 MOVES


  • Stimulates sinuses and can alleviate cold symptoms

  • Very relaxing

  • Teething (there is a separate teething section)




  • Very relaxing

  • Releases tension

  • Increases circulation

  • Teething Sequence

  • Releases endorphins and oxytocin’s that assist in pain relief

  • Increases circulation and blood flow to the gums

  • Pressure to gums temporarily relieves discomfort

It is a wonderful parenting tool that provides you and your family with a life skill

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