When I got kicked by a horse in my teens I never thought I would be where I am today.

I had to mentally and physically get myself back to full health.


I suppose in my life I never felt the need to exercise (I never saw the point ). I was your typical skinny teenager, who could eat what she liked without putting on any weight and was always about average in  P.E. at school.


But after my injury, I got set a strict programme of exercises in the gym. My rehabilitation was hard and very frustrating at first (human nature we always want to be able to do everything correctly the first time). But with patience and determination, I started to feel and see the results.


I became hooked and wanted to learn and be able to share my passion whilst satisfying my own craving for exercise, that was when I enrolled on my first teacher training programme. Not only did I become stronger mentally and physically, but I also had more energy and  I grew in confidence making new friends with similar interests that I still stay in touch with today.  This shy skinny teenager has long gone.   

Now in my 50's my business has changed its approach it's not all about weight loss and inches though that will come when you become more active, stronger and fitter it's away of life, full of healthy happy habits.

I will not offer you an overnight transformation or a quick fix it's about.


  • Well being

  •  Movement.

  • Food

  • Sleep

  • Mindfulness.               

                                'True health is so much more than diet and exercise ....''