Just a little about me... and why I know I can help you.

I have been keeping myself fit since my accident in 1988 in which I was brutally kicked by a horse. With a severely damaged back, I had a long and very slow road back to recovery.

I was set a rehabilitation programme of stretches and eventually light exercise. I had never done anything like this before and was starting to see changes in my body that I liked. 

I joined a local gym and found myself going about 3-4 times a week. I could not believe how strong and flexible I was becoming, it was great!

Soon I was free of back pain. I wanted to know more so I enrolled myself on my first course; "Exercise To Music", (that's Aerobics Instructor to me and you). It was brilliant and I learned so much about the body. From there on I started teaching my own classes. The passion I have for exercise is so great and seeing my clients getting so much from the classes makes it even greater .

I knew that I wanted to learn and share more so went back to college to increase my knowledge and to become a Personal Trainer. Whilst I still teach my classes, Fit2Burst gives me the opportunity to operate as a independent Personal Trainer, providing one-to-one training, helping getting those who have lost their way or who are struggling with lack of motivation, or those that are not getting the results that they so want.

I can kick start you into getting those results you want, now.

I have since gone back to college and I am now a Fully Qualified Sports massage therapist.    

Telephone:07879 896888

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