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Baby massage is much much more than a method for simply relaxing a baby. It means of communication in itself, drawing on the senses of touch, sight sound and smell to help the parents/carers and their babies to get to know and understand each other. When massaging a baby,

both parent/carer and child are working with each other, in a mutually respectful communication that utilises a range of senses.



The central element of the massage. The strokes are designed to relax a baby’s muscles, stimulate the immune system and calm the nervous system. The importance of touch for wellbeing in humans has been well documented and a massage is done with, loving intent will nurture a baby’s emotional, as well as physical needs.



Before massaging a baby, it is essential for mothers to be relaxed and be entirely present to their baby. Maintaining eye contact and giving baby their full attention allows them to develop an understanding of many subtle cues and communications their baby makes through facial expressions. This can really help to connect parent and child on a personal level, enabling them to get to know each other as individuals. Improving the way babies and their parents /carers relate is a central benefit of infant massage, and can be particularly helpful to mothers and postnatal depression.



Using a soothing voice throughout the massage lets a baby feel nurtured and relaxed. The course teaches parents/carers how to use the intonation of their voice to interact with their child. Demonstrating how to use particular combinations of sounds and touch to aid relaxation. Rhymes

and songs are used when massaging and parents and carers are encouraged to talk to their babes throughout the massage. Gentle music can be the perfect accompaniment to massage, and of course, it

is important to create an atmosphere of mutual respect by respecting the baby’s cues and only beginning the massage if the baby is happy for the carer to do so.



As an adult, you may be unaware of it, but young infants are very sensitive to the smell of their principle parents/carers. This sense is thought to be important in the bonding process, providing a great source of comfort for babies, To make the most of the comforting effect of this sense, So in respect of this on the Baby massage course we will only use Organic cold-pressed sunflower oil, this will be supplied on your 1 st session ...

We will also be doing a patch test in the 1 st session before the oil gets used properly on the 2nd session

Image by Jonathan Borba
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