If any of you are going stir crazy not being able to get into the gym or being able to get to your regular classes 
I’m teaching some classes each week and downloading these on to my YouTube channel where you can access them for 7 days.

If you think this is something that might interest you please contact me. You can pay direct debit 

1x class a week £4
2 x classes a week £7
3 x classes a week £10
4 x classes a week £13
5 x classes a week £15

(If you have a smart TV I will be on your screen )

Monday ...Hatha yoga
Tuesday ...HIIT
Wednesday... Pilates 
Thursday ... HIIT/Abs/Lower body/Upperbody
Friday ... Stretch

If you would like for me to help keep you motivated please let me know 
No equipment needed 
Well, may be a Mat .....

I’m also doing on line PT sessions 
30 mins £15
45 mins £20
60 mins £25
Ideal if you have equipment and not sure what to do with it 

Please share and comment if you have tried my classes or online pt session so far this week 

All very new to us all...




















I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years.

I believe everybody can find true health through these 4 elements 


We can all make small changes to our routine the results are gradual, but with dramatic transformation not just physically but mentally.

It's never too late!

I believe that life is a series of goals and some take longer to accomplish than others.

Let me exercise your mind physically and mentally.

Getting you out of your comfort zone 


Making your mind comfortable with the fact that your body is going to be a little uncomfortable...

''People who say they don't like to exercise usually don't like to feel uncomfortable''

Contact Claire today to discuss how she can help you... 

Telephone:07879 896888