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Baby Yoga Classes

The baby yoga classes run for an hour, half of the class involves Yoga movements for you and your baby. The babies will remain in a baby suit or vest, the sessions will run on a friendly and informal basis giving the parents/carers the opportunity to learn the principles of baby yoga in a NON-COMPETITIVE and sociable environment.

Discussions will also be encouraged at the end of a session to talk about any challenges or concerns such as crying colic teething postnatal stress. This gives the opportunity to share thoughts anxieties and benefit from others experiences.


Claire will provide a yoga style mat for you, you as a parent will need your usual baby travel bag with the usual change of nappy a feed and a towel or changing mat that can be put on the mat Claire supplies for your baby to lie on.


Claire would recommend a parent /carer that you have comfortable clothes on as you will be moving quite a lot with your child, seated kneeling standing and walking around the room.


Be aware of your jewellery please do not wear hooped or dangling earrings long necklaces or other jewels that your baby could grab and pull or get scratch by, please always tie your hair back if is long

you will be leaning over your child and will get in the way. Nails short and neat so that you do not scratch your baby hands are clean.


Whether your child needs feeding or changing their needs come first, we should remember that our babies will not operate to a timetable (as much as we’d like them to sometimes).


Just like baby massage nursery rhymes are sung to our babies during some of the movements we use, engaging all the time with our babies.

Claire will give you all a hand out at the end of each class so that you can practice at home.

Points of Consideration


There are several points to consider before baby yoga takes place:

  • Parents should only start the session if there baby is happy to co-operate –parents should never force yoga on a distressed baby.

  • The best time for yoga is when your baby is in a quiet alert state OR full alert state, this means awake and calm, or awake and full of bounce NOT tired and sleepy.

  • It is important for parents to interact with their baby throughout the yoga routine, talking, smiling and making eye contact.


  • Parents should always be aware of their baby’s response to yoga and stop if the baby tells their parent they are no longer enjoying.

  • Never ever overstretch your baby this will be discussed in-depth at the first session

"Yoga is invigoration I relaxation. Freedom in routine. Confidence through self-control. The energy within and energy without"

Ymber Delecto

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