Pregnancy Massage Routine


The client will be lying on her side and supported with cushions

between her knees under bump and under her head on the massage



Two towels will be used to discreetly cover the mother so that the

breasts and pelvis are not exposed at any point.


Claire will place one hand on the mother’s lower back and one hand

on the mothers bump to tune in to mother and baby asking the

mother to take some slow breaths. Then placing one hand on the

deltoid (shoulder) and one hand on the mother’s hip a few rocking



There will then be a couple of stretches with the breath, creating space

around the ribcage area.


The massage is broken down into sections starting with the Back

which is broken down into 3 sections the Abdomen, the Arms,

Wrists and Hands, the Legs.


The client is then sat up and turned so the other side can be

massaged and the sequence is repeated again,


Then the client will turn for the final time onto her back where she

will be propped up slightly.

The Mother will receive a facial massage, (this can disturb make-up)

And finally, the feet and Ankles will finish the massage the whole

the sequence takes about an hour